Thursday, November 10, 2005

HOHOHO!!! Hari RaYa!


Who's the brainchild of this :P:P

But anyway, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri :)


Wednesday, October 26, 2005

It is currently 2 degrees outside.... so warm so warm

Phew. Midterms.... thats why this site lacks update. Anyway, I just got Owned by chemistry. Results came out and I got a freaking darn bloody low. Me promise to work harder for the next one. Too much time wasted going out and playing games already...been slacking. Oh anyway the the max marks is 125 in case ur wondering that I am making a fool out of you.

Life is pretty much going well for me here. And one good thing is, I dun have to go to parties here. They come to me. On Saturday nights and Sundays my room will be filled with about 20 ppl (its a small room) . We just sit, chill, take shots., laugh at girls, and stuff. Sometimes when I want to do something else, or when i'm having an exam, it gets on my nerves. But its pretty convenient in a way to have a party come to you instead of going for one. I could have it in my room clothes even. Its MY room after all. I don't plan them though, my roommate gets the credit for that.

Cash is flowing out of my bank account at a ridiculous rate since I came here. I think I've washed away nearly $1000 on clothes, dinner, movies...whatever I would do in Malaysia. The difference is that its 8 times more expensive here.

Oh yea you ppl who wants to come to Chicago any time, pls pls pls tell me ur plans. Kok Yee dropped by that day but he didn't tell me he was coming, only gave me a call on the day he was here, so I couldn't make plans to see him at all. I know you guys would want to see me, I'm a bz man, so make appointments k. I promise I'll give a time slot to entertain you.

Feeling hungry now, I alwiz do. THe only thing that I love in the dining hall is salad. I wouldn't go a meal without salad. Weird cravings huh, but its good for health too ;) . Freshman 15? hahhahahahahahahahaha.

Ok time to study. Midterms after midterms. I only get a week of rest in between each of them.. I mean each midterms, not each subjects. 4 subjects in a week and then 4 more in 2 weeks after that is no joke at all.

Have fun you guys.


Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Sunday Panic, Monday Pays for it

Worst Monday I had...ever. In fact, worst day I had...ever.

Today I woke up around 8 to study for my Chem exam, and wanted to go down for breakfast around 10 but the hall closed like 5 minutes before. Thats ok, I'd get lunch later, I thought. 1050 came and I packed my stuff and got ready to leave for class. When I got outta my dorm, and went to me bike, I notice a U-Lock on it, which wasn't mine. My bike has been locked onto the pole with another lock that belonged to another person. Now, what does that mean? First I have to find this person and ask him/her to unlock me bike. Then, I had 3 minutes to get to class.

I ran faster than any car there was on the road today and arrived 15 minutes late for class. That was ok. Then I had chem lab right after my 2 classes which were all in one stretch. The lab was a headache, and even worse because I couldn't think straight then. But at 3.30 pm I was done, and I could get to the dining hall for a quick bite. That was my first meal for the day, at 3.40 pm. I walked home for a 20 minute nap, before coming out again for programming lab. Everything ended at 6+ pm and then I stayed back in the building to study for my Chem exam which was at 7. The exam wasn't too bad considering I'm so damn tired and couldn't even keep my eyes open. THe only problem is that I could not balance an equation needed to proceed to part B, UNTIL the very last 5 minutes. Then I had this frenzy and wrote so fast I couldn't understand my words anymore. Well thankfully I finished the paper, although after that I could barely walk straight home under the super cold weather. Had dinner before that though...but I was too tired to taste the food even.

Now I'm in the room, with a lab report on my left, and a chinese notebook on my right to study for the test tomorrow. i wanted to nap but I couldn't sleep cause the brain is too clogged. My bike is still locked and I'm still pissed. What a day...what a day. Hope the sun shines brighter tomorrow.


Thursday, October 06, 2005

You know what?

Words cannot describe.


Friday, September 30, 2005

Shivering. Its gonna get worse...

I'm typing this in 2 jackets... weather here is NOT bad, but the wind is the killer. When it blows, it blows hard, it blows so hard you might feel like it's taking you off your feet with it. I think the temperature outside is around 10 degrees celcius. Which makes the wind even more the murderer.

Things are still easy. But me thinks the subject that I'm taking isn't that hard at all. Well, besides chemistry 101. I hate thy stupid lab report. Its so stupid, I stayed up to 3 trying to finish it, which I did.... sort of. Yea but the fact that I'll have to endure lab reports weekly makes me wanna just drop chem. The facts arent hard : atoms, molecules, H20....but nobody here likes the reports. Suxx0r!

I miss msian food already. The solid rice, all those warm and spicy curry, big pieces of fried chicken, .. gah! All they have here are pasta, burgers, more pasta, and hey...more burgers. And salad..once you've taken alot of them, they'll remind you of refrigerated leaves from spring topped with thousand island.

Had Chillis yesterday though for a change. Its still much much better than food in the dining halls. I mean, Northwestern has 6 dining halls! And all 6 of them serve the same ugly thang. So creative rite.... Sigh

Sorry I haven't been calling you guys but its kinda hard to find time. Hehe. Anyway I'll try to call soon enough. No international calls though, too expensive. You'll have to call me instead if you wanna talk :)

Oh big news : I've got a cd-key. CHEEYONG JX PETER NICK HANMING YEONG ZAIN KENG etc etc WHERE ARE YOU!? I've got a friend here called JianWei and he's pretty good at dota. So we can have a match. He's been playing even before Allstars so you can imagine. Lets game ppl! Can't wait.

How are the rest of you doing? From first impressions Vanessa turned party girl, Joyce is turning into an adult, Sara socials more than anyone I've heard from, Ju is lonely haha...sorry, Nick is sporty, Hanming still Hanming, JX is workaholic, Peter is mom of 4, and just fencing. Cmon ppl tell me more!

Those who's wondering how Sinyi is doing, she's doing really fine. She'll get her laptop soon then she can come online. Later then, gotta go get lunch.

/Skeith - call me for anything 847-648-4888